JavaScript Patterns Book: References and additional reading

This is a list of references and suggested additional reading related to the book "JavaScript Patterns". It includes a list of JavaScript-related blogs and sites to bookmark and add to your feed reader as well as per-chapter suggested reading.

Some of the patterns in the JavaScript book were identified by the author, based on experience and on studies of popular JavaScript libraries such as jQuery and YUI. But most of the patterns are identified and described by the JavaScript community; therefore, this book is a result of the collective work of many developers. To not interrupt the narrative with history and credits, a list of references and suggested additional reading is given in the appendix.

If I’ve missed a good and original article in the list of references, please accept my apologies and contact me so I can list it.

You can also keep up to speed with new recommended articles as I add them to the list of JSPatterns delicious bookmarks.


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Chapter 1

One, two

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