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Book is almost out

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

The JavaScript Patterns book is to be sent to the printer next week and will be available as expected (and mentioned on Amazon) on or before Sept 28. Yey!

Dunno who said: writers don't like to write, they like to have written. Exactly how I feel today.

And let me share a quote from my favorite Kurt Vonnegut along the same lines. The book is Bluebeard.

    She asked me what had been the most pleasing thing about my professional life when I was a full-time painter -- having my first one-man show, getting a lot of money for a picture, the comradeship with fellow painters, being praised by a critic, or what?
    "We used to talk a lot about that in the old days," I said. "There was general agreement that if we were put into individual capsules with our art materials, and fired out into different parts of outer space, we would still have everything we loved about painting, which was the opportunity to lay on paint."
    I asked her in turn what the high point was for writers -- getting great reviews, or a terrific advance, or selling a book to the movies, or seeing somebody reading your book, or what? She said that she, too, could find happiness in a capsule in outer space, provided that she had a finished, proofread manuscript by her in there, along with somebody from her publishing house.
    "I don't understand," I said.
    "The orgastic moment for me is when I hand a manuscript to my publisher and say, 'Here! I'm all through with it. I never want to see it again,' " she said.

So - whew!

Expect a more detailed post about the book (and the wonderful team of JS guru tech reviewers!), after all I have to start promoting it, don't I?

Literal Notations

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

A little something from my forthcoming book "Object-Oriented JavaScript" I thought would be nice to share.

Literal Notations
name literal constructor example
object {} new Object() {prop: 1}
array [] new Array() [1,2,3,'test']
regular expression
/pattern/modifiers new RegExp('pattern', 'modifiers') /java.*/img